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We at The Learning Wheel Preschool are very happy to say that we offer The Experience Curriculum by Mother Goose.  This is one of the best preschool curriculums designed to help young learners.  Each classroom is organized by age groups with a wide range of learning experiences. In each classroom, children have fun learning and parents can be assured their child receives quality attention and care.

Our curriculum will revolve around the developmental needs of children. We will incorporate a monthly theme, color, shape, letter, and number into our teaching plan. Additionally, we will have weekly discussions on various topics to facilitate learning.

Our STEM based learning "The Seed of STEM" comes from the program developed by department of education.  This program is problem-based STEM curriculum.  Getting young students involved in STEM early in life prepare them for the better world.  This program integrates science concepts with engineering practices, and supports the development of STEM foundational skills. Throughout the STEM, the children define and research the problem, brainstorm possible solutions, sort the solutions into testable/non-testable in a classroom setting, plan a selected solution, create the solution, test it against the criteria for successful solutions, revise the solutions, and share the final solutions with Problem Panda and a classroom guest. Throughout the process the children share their work (ideas, plans, and prototypes) with their peers. Our preschool program strive to inspire an early love for learning that serves as a foundation for academic success. 

Kindergarten Classroom



Playing with Baby

This classroom is of our youngest of all.  In this classroom we start with manners, etiquette and physical fitness for curious infants and toddlers who are eager to stay active while learning through discovery and exploration while provide a well-rounded early education. 



Kid Playing with Bubble

The focus shifts a little bit in this classroom towards building on the foundational skills developed in the infant stage while introducing new concepts and activities that align with the growing capabilities of toddlers. Students in this classroom will also get introduced to letter recognition, shapes, colors, and numbers.

Young Preschool


Girl with Acrylic Paints

As children reach this stage, they experience rapid increases in physical, cognitive, developmental and social skills. We introduce them to books, designed to challenge those skills and to teach children about language, science, math, art, music and physical fitness.



Art Class

In this classroom, our Preschoolers are introduced to an early reading program. Hands-on STEM activities that encourage problem solving and critical thinking skills are part of daily activities in this classroom.

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