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Dear Future Families, Friends and Visitors,


The doors to The Learning Wheel preschool will open in June 2023.  My gratitude is endless for the parents who selected or will select this program and have faith in our teachers, to begin the journey of their child's education learning.  

While my vision is dedicated to the teaching and learning of every moment during the school day, we are equally dedicated to having fun at school. 

We invite all interested parents, community members, educators to become part of our story. Please take some time to read through our website. I believe you will like what you read when it comes to our curriculum, acquisition, and nurturing young children to take on the importance and value of being a compassionate, caring human in a complicated world.


Here’s to building a beautiful school together,

Raman Kaur

Founder/Head of School

My Story

I have been asked the question “Why did you start a preschool?” more times than I can count.


Before starting the preschool, after many years of working in field of finance and technology, I found myself in a disappointing place: somewhere between the dreaming and the coming true. My passion to be around children and working with them was not known until I had my own two beautiful children.  I learned the amount of patients and willingness to be with them was in me.  But to know when I truly felt this was the business for me when I was searching for preschool for my elder one.  

After visiting so many preschools and going through fancy tours and top of line technology I discovered there was nothing that was actually targeting what my child needed.

I wanted a school where students explore our world through fun activities, and explorations while developing English and Math skills.

I did not find such a school... so, I decided to start one! The result is The Learning Wheel Preschool! 

After this I never looked back.  During my research I always had this in mind, what would make a school for my child, things like the right curriculum, beautiful and safe environment, where it did not feel like we are in a corporate culture.

I begin my journey from home in 2018 and started working with a small group of children where I learned to be a teacher from them.  A teacher my students needed.

Through my journey from planning to opening this center, I went through countless hurdles which I'm very grateful for.  Everything that has  happened has taught me so much and made me feel beyond grateful for where I have reached.  

The Learning Wheel Preschool is the result of many years of talking and research about curriculum and innovative options available for receiving an education. I strongly felt the need to include the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) subjects so that students are prepared for world they live in today. We are happy to be starting our program in Livermore, California.

Consider joining us on this journey.

There will be success!


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